Monday, 15 December 2008

Sick but surprisingly productive...

Today I came home from work sick again! (second time in two weeks) I think I may have discovered the source of my sickness - I think I may have become allergic to mushrooms! (which would suck as I love eating them!) It started again at my Christmas meal on Saturday and I'm still feeling a bit off. I became queasy sometime between the starter ( you guessed it - mushrooms!) and main course. I thought I was just unlucky to have caught the same bug twice but someone at work pointed out that the last time I became ill was the day after eating mushrooms! I don't know what to do - should I try them again and see if the same thing happens or just avoid them and just assume that they are the cause? 

Anyway to take my mind off feeling like I am gonna throw up every few minutes, I made 4 decorations for my Christmas tree. It did make me feel a little better and it felt good to have a semi productive day (maybe I should get sick more often! - no way! I'd rather never sew again than feel like this every day!)

They are made from lovely coloured felt, buttons and embroidery thread. My housemate seems to love them, she thinks they look like little faces!

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