Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Holiday. Celebrate.

Well I've closed my Etsy and Folksy shops and tidied away all my crafty things so I think I'm just about ready for my holiday to Egypt. I leave tomorrow and it will be my first trip out of the UK in four and a half years and I'm starting to get a bit excited (it's about time!). I'm sure I'll have a great time, though I can't help feeling a little nervous as it's the most money I've spent on anything, so I have this weird vision of it all going horribly wrong - like some Watchdog holiday from hell!!! I know I shouldn't be so negative but I really want it to be great so it will live up to my mum's expectations (as she is very excited). With all the running around, sorting out money, buying suitable clothes etc I can't help the slight feeling of dread especially when people keep saying things like it'll the 'holiday of a lifetime'. Too Much Pressure!!! I think my main problem is that I find going on holiday abroad extremely stressful! For a start I think my expectations are usually too high so the place can never quite live up to what I've imagined! (this is my biggest worry about Egypt as I've wanted to go there since I was a little kid!) The other problem is I always want to do to much, fitting in as much I can (with the thought going round and round my head that I have to see everything because I may never get to come back again!) so I'm not really enjoying the holiday experience. I'm pretty sure this time it will be very different and I can relax! As it's a proper package holiday with all the food and excursions included, it means that all the organising is someone else's problem and all I have to do is just follow along (which will be really, really nice!). I think what I need to keep telling myself that this is my mum's holiday as long as she enjoys herself then it has been a great holiday!  Well I'd better be going as I still having packing to do.