Saturday, 29 November 2008

My First Folksy Sale!

Yay my first Folksy sale! And I finally sold one of my Flora and Fauna tote bags it's only taken eight months. It's weird sometimes how you can have an item that's the most popular in your shop gaining hearts left, right and centre but it still takes an age for anyone to buy it!

Books currently on the go - the strangely and unintentionally linked 'Conjugal Rites' by Paul Magrs and 'The Casebook of Victor Frankenstein' by Peter Ackroyd.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Where has the day gone?

Today I was planning to do so much!!! I spent most of the morning rearranging all my extremely messy craft boxes and pulled out all my half finished projects. I had every intention of finishing at least two or three of them this afternoon after lunch, but did I? NO! Firstly I got distracted by my dummy turning up (I was very excited about that!) then I spent most of the afternoon dragging her round placing her in various parts of the flat to take photos of her (is it strange that I refer it as a her?). Then I curled up on the sofa to read more of the book that I'm just a little addicted to. I'm currently reading 'Twilight' by Stephenie Meyer (I'm reading it for my book group) I thought it was going to be totally over-rated as it's not my kind of book at all, but I am actually really loving it - it seems to really appeal to that awkward teenage girl in me! Maybe I should make this blog about the books I'm reading as I do a lot more of that than crafting!!!  Anyway I guess I should get ready as I always go swimming on a Wednesday evening - I could do something when I get back but Heroes is on tonight so I probably won't!!!

I'm Terrible for Impulse Buying!

Today I received my latest impulse purchase! Saturday evening I was sitting half watching Casualty half browsing the web when I came across a website that supplies display materials to shops and I randomly bought a display dummy!!!! I've always thought it might be cool to own one and after my critique it seemed like a good idea. (also it was a bargain at £39.99!) My main thought was to use it to help make my photos more interesting by placing my bags on them, but my housemate and I are also thinking of decorating it with fairy lights and using it instead of a Christmas tree! 

Here is my first attempt photo, it's not great but I don't know, I think it may be an improvement!

Saturday, 15 November 2008


'I'm thinking of revamping my shop! Does anyone have any ideas?' I posted this question on the Critique section in the forums today. Only two people responded but their feedback was very positive, they both like what I was selling the only criticism they had was about my photos! Surprise! Surprise! Anyway one of them said that they thought my photos needed to be lighter and the other suggested that I should try showing the bags 'on the move'... in the park on a sunny day.... on the beach, etc. These are all great ideas the only problem is I don't know how many  good weather days we will have at this time of year in Britain!!!

Yay more sales! I sold the Negative Panda Bag and the Lucky Dip Beads a couple of days ago! 
Also today I made a new bag. It's made from really pretty duck egg blue fabric that I found in a shop that sells random knic knac's and furniture. I'm really pleased with the way it turned out considering I spent an hour longer than normal making it! I seemed to lose the ability to sew this afternoon and had to unpick the stitches 3 times!! Nevermind! Here is another terrible photo! I really do need some help with them! (or move to a different flat!)

Thursday, 6 November 2008

I just can't take good photos!!!

It's not only the fact that my flat has the worst lighting in the world, it also seems that it's just impossible for me to take good photos!! I've got a lovely new camera and I thought that this would be the end of my troubles! But NO! It seems that I just can't take a good photo, I've just spent the last hour take photo after photo of my two new bags but all of them came out fuzzy! I tried every single setting and adjusted them on photoshop but to no avail. I think I'll have to get my boyfriend to give me lessons or something as his photos always look great. I got so fed up I thought 'forget it!' and just added them anyway. Here they are, my worst photos ever!

Don't Worry Bee Happy!

I created a little bumblebee inspired treasury!!! They are sooo cute, I especially love the felt wrist pin cushion.    

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

I really should try a little harder.....

This evening I finally added some bags to my Folksy shop, I opened it months ago but hadn't thought about it until today. I was thinking I should really make more of an effort to spread out, opening more shops on sites like Dawanda and Winkelf, that way I get my stuff seen by more people! It's just getting round to it, you know what I'm like - L.A.Z.Y!!!

In other news I sold my odd panda bag to a lady in Florida a few days ago. But annoyingly I need to wait for her eCheque to clear before I can send it out! I hate to keep the customer waiting, usually I like to send it out straight away but I guess it's safer to wait until the money is in my account. 

Monday, 3 November 2008

More Xmas Pressies

Just thought I'd show you some more of my Christmas purchases. I bought two fantastic screen printed t-shirts from bRaNdEd. They are so friendly and were really helpful, replying back to my questions really quickly. This awesome Shaun of the Dead t-shirt is for my brother, I had to get it as it's one of my all time favourite films. I know they also do it in a skinny fit so I may have to get one for myself!!!!!

I also bought this cool tee for my housemate as she is a big Buffy fan (in case your not, this little fella is from the animation at the end of the show after the credits). I must admit I was so pleased with this I gave it to my housemate early unfortunately it was a little too big but she absolutely loves it! The quality of the screen printing is superb and I will definitely be going back for more!