Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Oh well..

Oh well no sales at the craft fair (boooo!) but I'm not too upset due to the bags I sold at work last week and I sold another one today! (wooo!) Also I let one of my colleagues take the rest of the bags home for her daughter and her friends to peruse (as she really loved the bags her mum bought and even nabbed one for herself!) ... so that could mean a few more sales! In the mean time I should really get going on the making.... especially trying new things not just sticking to the safe, straight forward totes that I could probably make in my sleep! So that means taking this crafting malarky a bit more seriously in the new year. Starting by getting my personal graphic designer/boyfriend to make me some lovely business cards so I can appear to be a bit more professional than scribbling my etsy address on random scraps of paper for people. I'm also thinking of maybe getting some leaflets printed up as my lovely colleague suggested that she could put them in with the catalogues she delivers which would be awesome!

I got some really nice feedback from FluffysStuff (the lovely lady who was my first folksy sale) and was just thinking what a shame it was that some people who have bought stuff from me haven't left feedback! I know that I shouldn't worry about it or take it personally but I guess it's just nice to know what people think and I admit I'm paranoid if I don't get any feedback from someone but they have left it for other people.... it kinda says to me that the person didn't like their purchase but are just too nice to say!!!!! Oh well....

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