Saturday, 9 April 2011

And I Almost Forgot...

... here are a few photos (that I promised to post months ago) of the brooches I have been making, and I will be listing them in my shops very soon. Fingers crossed they will be really popular as I am quite proud of them!!

Thank Goodness For Weekends Off!!!!

It's been a strange old week for me (but mostly in a bad way). It all started when the shop I work in had a big theft (about £700 of very specialised military history books) on Monday afternoon in which two of my bags were also stolen (these were used to help the thief on his way out of the shop with his swag!). This annoyed me a lot (but I comforted myself with the fact that he stole the 2 cheapest ones and not ones that I had spent a lot of my time on) however the worst thing was, that later (after CCTV footage was watched) I was told that my colleague and I had been near the thief when he struck and we didn't notice a thing! (Clearly I'll need to be more observant in the future! My manager reiterated this when I was called into the office for a 'chat' the following day!) Anyway the thief made another (and rather drunken) appearance on Wednesday but this time the shop was ready for him and my (fellow in the dog house) colleague spotted him and had him thrown out before he could do any real damage (we think he may have stolen a birthday card, how sad is that!)

Anyway Thursday passed without incident and Friday started well, with a young girl coming into the store specifically to buy one of my bags for a present (I was so chuffed). But my happiness was short lived as later that day an email came through about another branch being scammed by a nice man in a suit. After reading this strangely familiar sounding story I realised that I too had served (and was completely conned) by said scammer earlier in the day!!! I never make mistakes like that normally *repeatedly hits palm on forehead* and I always follow the rules but he really caught me off guard as he seemed so genuine and I just really wanted to help him get the book he was after. I feel like such a complete fool and I'm just glad that I have the weekend off to forget all about it (I never want another week like this one!) and from now on I'm going to have to be more vigilant and on my guard because you never can tell what people are really up to, however nice they seem.