Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Excuses, Excuses.

Has a woman ever lived up to her blog title more than I do? I think not! When I named it ‘Diary of a Lazy Crafter’ I wasn’t actually too bad, in hindsight I would probably mark myself a C (maybe a C-) I was trying to create one or two things every week (not always successfully mind you) but at least I was making an effort! Now I would mark myself a big fat F (with a must try harder comment written in red pen next to it!)

What have I achieved in the past 4 months (other than reading so many books that I’ve lost count. I think it might be around the 90 mark!)? Three lots of bunting – that’s it!! That is all I’ve made since I moved house in July! As I write this I realise that this is only my 7th post of the year (and one of those was about my holiday to Paris!) compare that to the 39 I posted last year and it illustrates my point perfectly!

Where has it all gone wrong for me? I’m not sure. The craft section in the bookshop where I work is probably the tidiest and most cared for section in the whole store. I get extremely excited when new stock arrives and can often be found flicking through the books getting ideas (and pretending to work!). I think there lies my problem (and I’ve definitely said this before!) I’m always full of ideas and grand plans for my shop but I never really do anything about them!! I have a million and one of them going round my head at work and I say to myself I’ll make a start on them as soon as I get home but what happens when I get in? I plant myself on the sofa and that’s me going nowhere for the rest of the evening!

But I’ve decided that things are definitely going to change starting this week!! My new determination has come from speaking to Alix of BigBlueBed who was in the shop the other day. We talked about my lack of motivation and the fact that neither of us really know many other people in the ‘real world’ who like crafting, so it’s often hard to find other crafty minded people to get excited about things like buttons and fabric. That may be the biggest part of my problem, I’m not very good at motivating myself and I need other people around me to spur me on. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t find crafting a chore (although I do make it sound like one sometimes!). I love making things, it’s just that whenever I make something I always have doubts about it, I look at it and go ‘That’s not as good as I hoped it would be!” or “Why can my stuff look as professional as everyone else’s!”. But I guess I’ve always been like that I just need a little more self belief and a lot of motivation because if I’m left to my own devices I’d never do anything but read and watch TV!!

Anyway enough of my moping! Today I had a day off work and I promised myself it would be a day completely devoted to craft and I stuck with it!! I decided to start with my to be finished box and it was really satisfying to complete a few of the items that had been sitting in there for months, crying out to be made! I also started some new projects too, I’ll post some pictures on here as soon as I’ve finished them.

Here is a photo of one of my (long overdue) finished projects - recycled pin cushions made from an old pair of cord trousers and a camo shirt. I was planning to sell them separately but they looked so cute piled up on top each other that I decided they had to be a sold together.

Well that's all for now, fingers crossed that I'll be back soon with (hopefully) lots of news and plenty of photos of all the lovely projects I have planned.

Night y'all and happy crafting.