Thursday, 26 August 2010

Back to Basics. Back to Bunting.

Just a quick post today. I've added two lots of new bunting to my Etsy shop!! I've also tried to be a bit more creative with my photos, I commandeered my boyfriend's house as it has a lovely light living room.

I think the photos look a lot better than my previous attempts but they are still not quite there yet.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Oh dear where has the year gone!?!

Well it's nearly the end of August already (where has the year gone?) and what have I achieved since my last post? Well, I moved house at the beginning of July and that kept me busy (I never knew I had so much stuff!) and rather stressed for a while (thanks to a certain phone company!). But once I'd unpacked my books and craft things into my little craft room/library/dining room, I began to feel a bit more at home. The only thing that was missing was internet access and we finally managed to sort that out on Saturday! Yay!!!

Anyway my boyfriend and I had a little trip to Paris at the end of July in celebration of his 30th birthday and I had my first journey on the Eurostar, which I rather enjoyed!

Neither of us had been to France's captial before so we did all the main touristy things and had a really great (but tiring) time. Mostly I was pleased to find out, as we only see each other once a week that we can spend 5 days together in an another country and not want to kill each other! Also we were lucky with the weather as it was mostly dry and into the high 20's - typically I managed to get quite sunburned even thought I was wearing factor 30!! If it had been raining that would have resulted in a rather cold, wet and tired Denise which would have made me an absolute nightmare to be on holiday with!

I was really surprised how much I liked Paris as I've heard lots of mixed reviews from other people who have been there - things like the people are rude, it's really dirty etc - but I didn't experience any of those things! Everyone we met were very polite and helpful and I thought it was no dirtier than any other city I've been to! I'd really like to go back one day as there were so many things I didn't get get round to doing.

And has Cloudberryskies done anything crafty, I hear you ask? The answer to that is... NO. But I have read 57 books so far this year, does count for anything!?! Oh dear, I am such a lazy crafter!!