Thursday, 16 July 2009

Oskar The Drunken Owl...

Thought I let you all see my first attempt at a plushie - Oskar the owl, he is made from felt, flower fabric and buttons. Not too bad (for me anyway) but he doesn't stand up on his own (hence him being a drunken owl) so I've propped him up next to some dvds on top of my tv.


Bigbluebed said...

You could always put a weight in his bottom.

He is lovely.

cold*toes said...

Aw, I love this little dude! You seem to be on a creative roll these days - I love the stuff you're making. Me and my friend were just debating weather it would be strange for a grown woman to have pirate bunting hanging awesome.

(A bit of rice in his bottom would help him stand up ;) )