Saturday, 15 November 2008


'I'm thinking of revamping my shop! Does anyone have any ideas?' I posted this question on the Critique section in the forums today. Only two people responded but their feedback was very positive, they both like what I was selling the only criticism they had was about my photos! Surprise! Surprise! Anyway one of them said that they thought my photos needed to be lighter and the other suggested that I should try showing the bags 'on the move'... in the park on a sunny day.... on the beach, etc. These are all great ideas the only problem is I don't know how many  good weather days we will have at this time of year in Britain!!!

Yay more sales! I sold the Negative Panda Bag and the Lucky Dip Beads a couple of days ago! 
Also today I made a new bag. It's made from really pretty duck egg blue fabric that I found in a shop that sells random knic knac's and furniture. I'm really pleased with the way it turned out considering I spent an hour longer than normal making it! I seemed to lose the ability to sew this afternoon and had to unpick the stitches 3 times!! Nevermind! Here is another terrible photo! I really do need some help with them! (or move to a different flat!)

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Alexandra said...

I don't think your photos are too bad. But the background needs changing. Try draping a sheet over the door first. Not that I can talk my photos are rubbish too!!