Thursday, 11 September 2008

New Ideas.

It has really surprised me how therapeutic I've found writing this blog. I was really sceptical at first about posting aspects of my life on the internet for anyone to read. But it's been great to have somewhere to put down my random thoughts, I've not got anything particularly interesting to say but then I guess it doesn't really matter if anyone reads this as long as I'm finding it helpful.... And it really is helping me, it has made me think more about what I'm doing and has given me more motivation to move forward with my little shop.

Anyway still no new sales!  Don't think anyone is interested in my half price sale, although I guess I should go on the forums and ask for some advice.

On the other hand I had a much more productive day off yesterday, I had loads of ideas and made two more tote bags (photos to follow) to put on etsy in October.  I've been thinking of maybe starting a new range of cushions, I bought some great new fabric today (even though I can't really afford it!), some lovely blue cord and red/white stripes.

I'm thinking pirate cushion! ARRRGH!!

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