Monday, 25 May 2009

Woe is me.

It seems all that stress and worry about my job has taken it's toll and has made me ill (my immune system seems to be getting more rubbish every year)!! I've got a really bad cold and this is my third day off work feeling like c*@p.  First of all it was a bout of the sneezes then a sore throat and after that... you really don't want to know!!!! All I want to do is sleep but when I lie down I can't breathe as my chest feels like someone is standing on it!!! So here I sit in self exiled quarantine (I don't want to give this to my housemate) propped up on many cushions wishing I could just sleep it off  but instead I'm browsing Etsy, being tempted to spend money I don't have and generally feeling sorry for myself! 

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