Monday, 18 May 2009

Bit of a bad day.

Today I found out that I'm rubbish at my day job! Last week we had interviews at work to find out who would be made redundant, who would lose some hours and who got to keep their job as is. Even though I didn't get made redundant (which I guess I should be grateful for) I lost 5.5 hrs a week because I sucked in my interview which seems a little unfair to judge me solely on that after 5 years service! So if my experience counts for nothing then the only conclusion I can come to is that I must be rubbish! You could look on the bright side, like I originally did and say 'Hey that's not so bad, at least I can spend more time crafting!' But this loss of hours means not just less money but no more weekends off! I will have to work every single weekend and I usually do my best crafting on a Saturday afternoon, so this really sucks!!! My main point is that I need to really get working on my shops as I'm really going to need to supplement my income now as I can barely manage as it is. Overall I think I'd rather have made redundant!!

Anyway on the bright side my flatmate and I had some friends over on Saturday to watch Eurovision and I managed to sell two brooches!! Before you think it, I don't try to flog my stuff to every friend and visitor who comes round to the flat!! It was just that I had a lot of my brooches on display ready for photos and everyone commented on how nice they were and asked how much. It was hard, I really had to restrain myself from giving them away but in the end I sold a Skully and a Leafy Ladybird brooch. Result!

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Bigbluebed said...

Oh dear! It is a pain.

But do take the positive and spend more time on your crafting. Start to think of it as a business.

You make great stuff.