Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Sew help me!

After seeing my last post Alix from bigbluebed contacted me (thank God I'm not the only one struggling with motivational issues!). She had a idea - how about setting up a group online
for other local crafters where we can motive each other and people like us who are struggling with getting 'crafty'. I thought this was a fantastic idea and Sew Help Me was born! We are on flickr - it is a private group but if you are in Hampshire and are in need of some motivation, moral support or just after crafty chat then leave a message for me or Alix and we can send you an invite.

The group thing maybe working as I made two felt items for a friend at works birthday. The above is a Skully brooch (which I'm worried maybe a little to big but it could work!) and below is a Mario power up star (which I'm actually quite pleased with!)

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Wendy said...

Love the skull!